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It goes without saying that today’s modern trailers and their various hydraulic, electric, and mechanical systems, are complicated.


In some aspects, service & repair of trailers can be more difficult than automobile services. A licensed automotive technician can always count on a mature and accurate automotive industry to catalogue components and repair procedures in an organized and efficient manner.


The trailer industry is not quite as mature or established as the automotive industry.  This forces us to rely on experience more often than not to outline proper components and repair procedures.  We do witness a lot of "mix & match" with regards to repairs from novice service facilities.


As for parts that may be required in the service and repair of your trailer, we like to say “Buying Power”.  We purchase skid loads of trailer components direct from the manufacturer so we are able keep the price to you very competitive.

You can count on your trailer being fully MTO compliant when we are through.





Understanding the operation of modern brake control systems and possessing the training & skill set required to diagnose and repair these systems safely is imperative.

Whether you have a factory installed brake controller or modern Proportional Brake Control Systems that we install for you, our licensed technicians are trained to fix it right the first time.




Along with bearing adjustment, correct lubrication is essential to the proper function and reliability of your trailer axle. For optimum longevity, bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 20,000km.

Bearings are removed, cleaned, inspected & repacked prior to installation.  Of coarse, new grease seals are installed.  Never reuse old seals.




Torsion axles, slipper yoke assemblies, E-Z Lube, Nev-R-Lube, custom built axles… we know what we are talking about.

Ongoing tire wear concerns…it just might be your axle...we can help.

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