Gooseneck & Fifth wheel race car trailers are available from many sources and in several material choices. Choose an all aluminum model, galvanized steel or basic steel.

If you find that one of our open car haulers won't give you enough cover to protect your vehicle from the elements try one of our more substantial enclosed car haulers.

Enclosed Car Trailers For Sale in Ontario

We stock several different lines of enclosed car hauler trailers, including aluminum and steel.


Square Truck Body


This model is referred to in the industry as a TRUCK BODY. The interior is square everywhere so adding interior...

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Race car trailers / stackers for sale in Ontario are available in treated steel or aluminum frame versions.

There are many small...

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Jensen has a trailer for just about any vehicle you need to move for transport to new locales, showcase events or racing competitions with Gooseneck and fifth wheel race car trailers are available from many sources and Jensen Trailers can bring them to you. 

Steel Versus Aluminum

Choose an all aluminum model or even a galvanized steel trailer. 

Basic steel is a better price if you are only planning on using your trailer seasonally.

As always, we encourage you to consider an all aluminum frame trailer if it is going to be used in four seasons. An aluminum framed trailer hold up much better than a steel one when exposed to the salt and magnesium chloride that is used on the roads in Ontario and can damage vehicle surfaces.

Variety of Models

If the vehicle you are moving has tires, skis or tracks, consider the stylish ALL-SPORT aluminum trailer from our friends in Indiana at Haulmark and haul it in style.
Browse our models below ranging from the flat top wedge car hauler to the 18 square truck body car hauler. Added strength comes from the front wall structure that runs from the floor to the roof trusses.

For race cars in particular, our Stacker Trailers have enough room for the cars, storage space for spare parts, tools and diagnostic equipment. Our RPM Trailer Sales Stacker Trailers are ordered from Georgia and are available through Jensen here in Ontario in both Tag-a-Long and gooseneck and fifth wheel styles.