Jensen retails Motorcycle Trailers that are rain tested and double sealed to protect your prized possession on your next journey, whether its personal or professional. Transport your motorbikes in style and arrive with them clean and safe with one of our lower height models designed to fit beneath any seven-foot opening or garage.

Motorcycle Trailers For Sale in Ontario

Smaller open trailers are designed specifically for easy transport but they don’t offer the same protection from theft and damage as our closed Garageable Low Boy Motorcycle Trailer models from US Cargo or Lightning Aluminum. 


Garageable Low Boy

Lightning Aluminum Trailerswith an 82" overall height fit nicely into 7' garage door openings. Keep your precious cargo out of site -...

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US Cargo Low Boy

You will find this model indispensable for bringing along your motorcycles next road trip. Avoid the arduous task of having to clean up...

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Because these models have a lower trailer height they can fit into almost any garage but just as importantly, they have wind resistance when you`re on the open road. This means lower fuel cost and huge savings in the long run.

Prevent and Protect

When your motor bike is parked while you’re on the road it needs to be safe from crime. When you’re on the highway your bike needs to be safe from the elements.

To keep your precious cargo safe and sound, try one of our trailers that have polished aluminum trim and side panels and fully furnished interior like the Haulmark Edge Low Hauler.

Prevent having to clean your motorbike when you bring it on a road trip. Protect your expensive cargo from damage due to dust and dirt on the highway and from rain, sleet and snow which can happen when you least expect it. 

Protect your motorcycle from the prying eyes of would be thieves otherwise tempted to steal or vandalize a motor cycle that is there for all to see with a custom closed trailer from Jensen.

Call us, fill out our online form, or browse our site to find the best motorcycle trailer for you.