Open Car Haulers

An open car hauler trailer from Jensen allows you to quickly and easily load your vehicles, and then haul them to where they need to go.

Open Haul Car Trailers For Sale in Ontario



Maxxd Drop and Load Car and Equipment Trailers

This is a very versitile car or equipment trailer with an unheard of incline angle under 8 degrees.
Hit a button and the deck drops or…

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canada trailers - car haulers

Open Car Haulers by Canada Trailers

Canada Trailers have been building high quality car haulers in Ontario for 25 years. Always trusted to deliver on their reputation, they…

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Stand-up ramps and checker plate steel decking and galvanized steel axle combinations are available too.

Each of our trailers has a different weight limit and total number of vehicles it can haul. 

Built to Last Options and Models

If you know your load requirements before purchasing, we can supply you with one of our many models from CANADA TRAILERS. They've have been building high quality trailers in Ontario for 25 years.

Cheaper units have weak frames that get twisted easily but Jensen supplied blankety blank models, from single to multi car are fabricated out of channel for strength and durability.

Farm Use Model

Our straight deck single wheel trailer comes in either the 5 or 7 tonne variety and is great for transporting farm vehicles or if  you need to side load with a fork lift. 
Tag and bumper pull models, gooseneck, fifth wheel models and i-beam main frames are all options which you can order today.

Take some time to browse the options and specs described below from Jensen and Canada Trailers. And remember that Canada Trailers is happy to build you a custom model if you don’t find what you are looking for here.

Need something more secure and protective for moving race cars, drag cars, show cars or work vehicles? We’ve got what you need! Check out our wide selection of Enclosed Car Trailers.