Roll-Off Bins

Renovating? Cleaning up your yard/acreage? Do you make regular trips to a landfill or frequently deal with large amounts of recyclables? A roll off bin is the common-sense solution used most frequently.

Roll Off Bins For Sale in Ontario

A Roll-off bin retailed by Jensen Trailers is ideal for cleaning up your yard or acreage. Perfect for loading and unloading trash, construction debris waste and recyclable materials that are less compact than dirt or gravel.

One great thing about the roll-off bin is its multi use. With just one trailer and multiple attachments you can have bins on hand for several different types of tasks or materials.

Maxxd roll off bins

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Our ROX model from MAXXD allows you to have multiple bins at play with only one base trailer to move them around. It has a 15 K electric winch to help you load and unload bins.

Both double and triple axle options and features a scissor lift hydraulic hoist that allows for a 45-degree dump angle. 18K Super Winch to load and unload the bins and features treated wood floor flatbed and an electric flip tarp system.

Multi Use For Every Job

Save money by just rotating components for different jobs with different bin types. With only one base trailer, the roll-off bin system will save you money on registration, inspection and maintenance.

We'll help you figure out what container size is best, based on how much debris you need to move and how far you need to move it.

Contact Jensen's today to discuss a multi-use model that matches the challenges you face at work or at play, today.