UTILITY Trailers

Canada Trailers produce one of the highest quality steel trailers on the market.

Metal preparation and paint are second to none with sandblasting, powder coat and a sprayed on stone guard for good measure. All models are available in hot-dip galvanized as well.

Utility Trailers and Landscape Trailers for Sale

Utility trailers are ideal for moving furniture, building supplies and a variety of personal and professional errands.

Jensen utility and landscape trailers are made in the great white north by Canada Trailer Manufacturing and are available now.


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Canada Trailers - Lanscape Trailers

Jensen Tandem Axle Lasndscape Trailer

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Landscape Trailer Tandem Axle


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Full aluminum construction.

Single and Tandem Axle Trailers in Stock Now!

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Made of Tough Stuff

Jensen Utility Trailers are superior to our competitors in both design and manufacturing.

With solid steel sides, our  trailers are made with tougher materials and with more attention to detail compared to cookie cutter models sold at big box stores in Ontario or south of the border.

Built to last a lifetime right here in Canada, Canada Trailers produces one of the highest quality steel trailers on the market.

Metal preparation is very thorough and all models are available in hot-dip galvanized as well.

Painting and Sandblasting

The seven step painting process in paint preparation is painstaking and second to none. 

It starts with Ripper 2, an industrial strength heavy duty detergent for heavy machinery and off-road machinery which attacks hydraulic oil stains. 

Next the surface is cold rinsed and sandblasted.

Iron and steel parts are then sealed with phosphate, powder coated and baked in an oven to prevent rust and peeling then protected with a polyurethane coating. 

Our cookie cutter competitors don’t used the sprayed-on stone guard and their products deteriorate far faster than our models.